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Could there be a better time of year to fish? There are so many species available to target and so many different ways to fish for them. Anglers will always find something exciting to do on the water. As the days become progressively warmer, fishermen will want to fish early before the heat of the day arrives.

While the large schools of redfish have now broken up, you can still find pods of dozens of fish roaming the flats and grass banks. In order to get their attention, we have been using baits that leave a hearty scent trail in the water. Cracked blue crab, cut menhaden or cut mullet are all effective choices. Try using size 3/0 circle hooks and just let the fish hook itself.

This season we have been catching many more “keeper” trout (over 14 inches) than in recent years. While popping corks are a great option, we’ve also been fishing mud minnows on jigheads. These jigheads allow us to get our bait in front of fish holding in deeper pockets.

We use 1/8 ounce jigheads and make sure to vary the rate of our retrieve. Bumping your bait along the bottom can be deadly. As always, sharks are pervasive in our waters during the summertime. Cracked blue crab and menhaden are great for bait, but chunks of fresh cut bluefish and ladyfish work very well, too.

Look to fish drop-offs where there are a sharp change in water depth. You also stand the chance to find a large bull redfish at the end of your line.

There will be a number of significant high tides in the evening this month. As redfish access areas that are usually unavailable on normal tides, fishermen can see the backs and tails of redfish as they put their noses in the mud to forage for crabs. These tides are called “tailing tides” and provide awesome sight casting opportunities. Watching a redfish explode in skinny water when you set the hook is truly a sight to behold. See you on the water!

Capt. Geoff Bennett operates Charleston Charter Fishing providing light tackle and fly fishing charters. Clients choose from a full menu of fly rods, artificial and live bait fishing options with charters tailored to their desires. USCG licensed and insured, Capt. Bennett is committed to providing a safe and enjoyable charter to anglers of all skill levels and ages. (Credit – The Island Eye News)